10 Best Above Ground Pool Ladders Reviews For 2021

Pool ladders can be great accessories for swimming pools as they allow for easy entry and exit into and out of the pool. A quality ladder can provide great value, but a bogus one can be a waste of money.

When shopping, make sure to consider only those pool ladder brands that are known and ranked highly. That is the best way you can be sure of getting value for your money with a new ladder. If you do not know where to start, below are the top 10 best above ground pool ladders worth your money:

10. Confer Plastics In Ground Curve Step System for Pools

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My list of the best above ground pool ladders, which has been prepared in a descending numerical order, kicks off with this amazing ground swimming pool curve step system from Confer Plastics. Made from molded, and super strong resin material that resists chemical reaction, this ladder system can hold up to 400 pounds. Nonetheless, it features adjustable base pads, 24 inch extra large deck mounting brackets and sides that easily fill with pea gravel or sand to weigh the steps down. Plus, the product comes with a warranty of up to 5 years.

9. BiltMor Step and Flip Up Ladder System for Above Ground Pools

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The BiltMor above ground flip up pool ladder system is durable, easy to assemble, secures your pool and provides easy access to the pool for both adults and kids. Designed for pools not more than 4.5 feet deep, this ladder makes for a great pool accessory for most domestic pools. It goes without saying that it features maintenance free polyethylene construction, double handrails & big slip-resistant steps, and steps mounting pads. Plus, the flip up ladder design ensures the ladder secures with a padlock (bought separately) to create an entry barrier for extra security. Many users have praised this amazing ground pool ladder system for the fact that it makes an easy exit for kid and elderly swimmers alike.

8. Vinyl Works NE120T Taupe Above Ground Pool Ladder with a Premium Frame

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The Vinyl Works NE120T above ground pool ladder looks great when placed against a neutral-tone pool, thanks to its taupe color. This premium frame ladder for domestic swimming pools that are elevated above the ground is adjusted for pools between 4 feet and 4.7 feet deep. Plus, it comes with extended handrails for hassle free entry & exit, extra tread on steps as well as top platform to ensure safety. Additionally, a flip up and lock outside ladder design keeps intruders away from your pool.Lastly, the anti entrapment barrier ensures your child is not able to swim between treads or under ladder so as to prevent them from getting injured.

7. Ocean Blue 30-Inch Mighty Step Ladder for Above Ground Pools

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The 30-inch Ocean Blue Mighty step system for above ground pools combines elegant design with unparalleled safety. This 400 pound capacity ladder boasts a new design, wide anti-slip steps, as well as dual easy-to-grab hand rails complete with deck mounting brackets for safety as well as stability. Plus, the new design lets you fill the side panels with sand so as to keep the steps in place without having to use unpleasant sand bags or heavy bricks. Finally, designed for pools with 48-54 inch walls, this Ocean Blue ladder is backed with a 1 year warranty.

6. Gray Economy 635-52X Above Ground in-Pool Ladder by Confer Plastics

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Confer Gray Economy 635-52X is a 250 pound capacity in-pool ladder that is designed for flat-bottom above ground pools with depths between 3.8 feet and 4.7 feet. This adjustable ladder will make entering and exiting your pool easy and convenient. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that it features premium quality vinyl resin construction, a convenient top safety platform, and a warm grey color to match almost any pool or backyard design. Plus, the ladder is so resilient that it will not rust, corrode or fade even after many decades of use.

5. XtremepowerUS 32 Inch Safety Step Ladder for Above Ground Swimming Pools

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The list of the top 10 best above ground pool ladders is never complete without a mention of this amazing 32-inch above ground swimming pool ladder by XtremepowerUS. This 400 pound weight capacity ladder is designed for all above ground pools with flat bottoms.What is more, it is extremely easy to put together with an assembly process which will barely take five minutes. Nevertheless, the ladder features a white durable frame consisting of large, wide steps so you do not have to worry about missing a step and falling. Other features include side openings to encourage water circulation behind unit to prevent algae growth, mounting brackets to safely secure the ladder to your deck or pool, and two easy-to-grab handles for safety.

4. Confer Plastics 7200 Adjustable Above Ground Pool Ladder with a Premium A Frame

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This is another cute looking 300 pound weight capacity ground pool ladder by Confer Plastics. The A-Frame 7200 ladder is built for above ground pools with depths between 4 feet and 4.7 feet, thanks to its adjustable design. Nevertheless, it boasts an extra large platform, large comfort-tread steps, and a lockable roll guard barrier complete with a lock. The manufacturer, however, warns that the ladder should not be used with pop-up, inflatable, or Intex style pools for obvious reasons.

3. Vinyl Works A Frame Barrier Pool Ladder

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This step-in pool ladder by Vinyl Works works with swimming pools with depths between 4 feet and 4.7 feet. It goes without saying that the ladder is constructed from stainless steel and maintenance-free plastic resin materials to hold a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds. In addition, it features double hand rails, a top platform tread and 4 base treads. These features collaborate to ensure easy climbing, greater stability and safe entry & exit into your above-ground swimming pool.

2. Confer Plastics 6000X Pool Ladder

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The Confer 6000X adjustable pool ladder is exactly what you need for your pool if it has a depth between 4 feet and 4.5 feet. This 300 pound capacity ladder is made from a durable resin material that will not corrode, rust or fade over time as is the case with many ladders in its category. In-pool design, heavy duty construction, and slip-resistant steps are some of the most important features of this mid-range pool ladder.

1. Confer Plastics Curve Step System for Above Ground Swimming Pools

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My list of ten best above ground pool ladders wraps up with this elegant and stylish ladder by Confer Plastic. Constructed from a super strong, chemical resistant resin material, the ladder supports a maximum weight of 400 pounds. Plus, it includes 24 inch oversize deck mounting brackets and adjustable base pads for easy climbing and greater stability. In addition, the sides are filled with pea gravel or sand, which are the latest standards in the market. Finally, the product is backed by a 5 year warranty, making sure you are covered for the longest period of time.

Final Thoughts

Confer Plastics, BiltMor, Vinyl Works, Ocean Blue and Xtremepower US are some of the best brands for swimming pool ladders. Their ladders offer added safety and security, greater stability, and a combination of features users will find to be extremely useful.

Each ladder makes an entry into or exit from a pool a hassle-free and seamless process. So, which ladder from the list would you like to buy?You can share your thoughts with us below.