10 Best Commercial Blenders for 2019

We all understand the functions of a blender. This is a tool, which can be used to make a healthy meal. Actually, you can use a blender to obtain a variety of things like preparing meals and making great smoothies among others.

You will find some with great motors, which help in crushing the ice in minutes. Generally, blender is a very important tool that you should consider having in your home. They are sold in different designs and models. Therefore, it can be difficult in finding a perfect blender. Below is a guide to help you, when selecting a blender.

10. Vitamix explorian

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The blender has 10 variable speeds, which helps you in refining the texture. The shape and size of the container let you blend a large amount of food for your family. It also rotates ingredients to the blades for smoother and faster blends. The pulse function helps in chopping over the smooth purees, for a heartier recipe like thick veggies soup. The blades are strong to offer you quality blends over the years. The motor has high performance when it comes to any type of food. It is sold with a 3-year warranty. Therefore, you can buy it with confidence.

9. Ninja Personal

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The product allows you to put in more veggies and fruits. The 700 watts of power help in crushing the soft or frozen ingredients, making the reach and super juice. The vitamin and nutrients extraction process blend the ingredients thoroughly. You will get all your nutrients without throwing any part away. It has two cups and a sealed lid. The Dishwasher parts are safe and easy to clean. It saves on the storage space since it has a small body. It is manufactured with durable and long lasting materials. The ninja machine will help you get the desired results. It is a worthy investment.

8. Kitchenaid artisan Series

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The product is available in different 20 colors. You can choose the color that matches your personality. The 10-speed mode is perfect for any recipe or task. It is perfect for whipping the cream and kneading the dough. It has 59-point planetary mixing action. This means it touches on every point in the bowl, offering you a perfect mixing. The product is sold with other accessories like wire whip, which incorporates air into the ingredients. There is also A nylon coated beater and one piece pouring shield. This helps the lightweight ingredients from flying off the bowl during the mixing. The stainless steel bowl, which is exposed to the food, is BPA approved: thus safe.

7. Nutribullet.Pro

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The product is manufactured in accordance to Canadian and USA electrical standards. It is very easy to use. You just push then twist to start blending. It can is very fast and suitable for people with a busy life. It only takes seconds to have the job done. The product has a mess-free flip lid, which makes it convenient to take your smoothies while on the road. You can simply clean the blade with water and soap since dishwashers are safe. The motor is strong and perfect for crushing seeds, whole fruit, and wheat grass. If you are a busy person, then consider this product.

6. Ninja Nutri-ninja

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The product is available in grey color. The base motor is strong to crush all the hard and soft ingredients. The container that is exposed to the food is BPA approved: thus safe. The lid prevents anything from getting inside during blending. The motor has a power of 900 watts, which lets you have your job done within seconds. The dishwasher parts are very easy and safe to clean. The blender made of stainless steel has high performance, cutting everything perfectly. This is a simple blender you should consider buying.

5. Mueller ultra-stick

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The product can be used for delicious treats like pesto, salsa, batter, smoothies, whipping cream, and various dishes. It is very easy to store since it does not require much space. The product is very cheap and affordable. Every home should consider having it. It only takes a few seconds to have the entire job done. It is very safe and easy to clean. The product has a sophisticated design and some grips to avoid slipping when using. Made of full copper: thus can be durable compared to other motors. The accessories sold together with it include a user manual, whisk, and hand blender. This should top your list when selecting a blender to buy.

4. Ninja professional

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This professional blender with nutria ninja cups has 1100 watts of power and three speed. If you are looking for a powerful blender, then you should consider this one. Within seconds, it crashes all the ice to snow, for your smoothies or cream frozen drinks. The two cups has lids, which lets you enjoy your drink while on the road. The parts that are exposed to the food are BPA approved: thus safe to use. It is easy and safe to clean the washable parts. If you are a busy person, then you can buy this product.

3. Ninja professional (72oz 1000-watt)

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This professional product has 1000n watts of power and 64 maximum capacities for any liquid. The power is effective in crushing hard fruits into soft ingredients. The blades will chop off the items perfectly, and produce a perfect mixture. It has 6 blades assemble that lets you crush the ice faster compared to any other blender in the market. The parts that are exposed to the food are BPA approved. Therefore, they are safe for use. You can use soap and water to clean all the dishwasher parts. It is worth investing in.

2. Magic bullet

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Indeed, it is a magic blender as the name suggest. It needs a small space for storage but has high performance to blend. It lets you make quick, fast, and delicious food. The cup has a lid to flip that help in avoiding any mess. Therefore, you can enjoy your drink while on the go. It is a multi functional blender from chopping, blending, and mixing. You can easily find it in the local store or from an authorized dealer at an affordable price. The magic bullet is very easy to use and does not consume a lot of your time in preparing. The cups are made from BPA approved materials. Washing is very easy as well. It is recommended for people with a busy life.

1. Nutribullet high-speed

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The product has a motor of 600 watts power. The blades, which are stainless steel, are designed to last long. The cups have a flip lid, which avoids any kind of mess while on the road. It is very effective with whole fruit, veggies, or even fibrous fruits like carrots. It saves much time on the preparation. Therefore, it is suitable for people with a busy life. It retains the natural nutrients. The product has a 1-year warranty. Therefore, you should buy it with confidence. The parts that are exposed to the food are BPA approved: thus safe for use. You can wash it using soap and water. It is a product worth for busy people and family as well.

Generally, identifying the suitable blender according to your needs is your responsibility. Therefore, it is very important to buy form the authorized dealer. If it is your first time, you should consult friends and relatives.

Additionally, you can read the reviews on the products. Make sure to buy a blender that you can easily afford and maintain. Nevertheless, this cannot be an issue with the above comprehensive reviews on the latest products.

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