Top 10 Best Elliptical Machines For Home Use Reviews For 2019

Ellipticals are among the most well-liked exercise machines in the fitness world. Ellipticals are training devices that combine the treadmill with components of the stair stepper and stationary bike to provide its users with the ability to stand upright and perform pedal-like motion exercises.

Top elliptical machines provide you with challenging and varied workouts without taking too much of your living room. Some of the advantages of elliptical machines include; they are low impact hence people with bad knees or hips can exercise on it.

Elliptical machines are great for strengthening your muscles and activating your glutes. The exercise machine also allows you to work out your upper body. Buying an elliptical machine is a major purchase. Below is a list of the best elliptical machines for home use:

Table of the Best Elliptical Machines:


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The Joroto Desk Elliptical Mini Stepper is build using high-quality material, unique wear-resistant tracks-rollers design, and anti-skid enlarged pedals, making it able to support up to 220lbs. The Joroto mini stepper has a user-friendly design which features a direction-changeable electronic monitor to track your progress, a practical top handle for easy movement, and adjustable magnetic resistance levels to control your workout intensity.

This machine allows multiple usages and also supports sitting & standing position, pedaling & running, and forward & reverse motion. The Joroto Desk Elliptical Mini Stepper uses belt drive, magnetic resistance, and unique rollers which allow for a quiet, stable and smooth workout.


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The Jfit Under Desk and Stand Up Mini Elliptical Stepper has a highly versatile and compact design that features a practical top handle that allows easy movement, a front handle for additional support, and adjustable angle pedals. This elliptical stepper has large rollerblade wheels that provide you with a smooth, quiet workout and makes for less wear and tear.

The Jfit Elliptical stepper also features a tension dial that allows you to adjust the resistance levels and a Series 1050 Monitor that records your time, speed, distance, and calories burnt. This elliptical stepper’s compact design allows it to support standing and sitting position workouts.


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The Cubii Jr Desk is a compact, ergonomic elliptical stepper that allows you to work out while you sit in the office or at home. This elliptical stepper features a built-in display monitor that tracks real-time calories, distance, strides, and RPM. The Cubii Jr Desk Elliptical has a low impact on joints that is suitable for people with bad knees and hips.

The design of this elliptical stepper allows for stability, quick and easy assembling as well as a quiet, smooth gliding motion, and eight levels of resistance to increase your activity over time. The Cubii Jr Desk Elliptical is suitable for home and office use.


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The FitDesk under-desk elliptical white stepper is designed with the lowest pedal rotation height available, which makes it suitable for all sizes of desks and people and weighs a mere 30lbs. The FitDesk under-desk elliptical stepper uses a fluid forward and backward shuffle motion which allows for swift movement of your legs.

This elliptical stepper comes with a digital meter with six function display to track your exercise, and a desk stands to allow easy view of your progress while working out under the desk. The FitDesk elliptical stepper features an eight position magnetic resistance and balanced high-velocity flywheel that keep the whisper quiet and pedal motion smooth.


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The Kinelo DMI Mini Stepper is constructed with heavy-gauge steel for strength & durability and is compact & streamlined, making it suitable for home & office use, as well as during travels. This mini stepper weighs 250lbs and does not require any assembly. The Kinelo DMI Mini Stepper features a non-skid base to keep the machine from moving across the floor and plastic footrests that absorb impact.

The Kinelo DMI Mini Stepper comes with an adjustable resistance system and hydraulic cylinders that make it feel as if you are climbing a set of stairs. This mini stepper is also equipped with a built-in digital monitor that measures the number of steps taken as well as the elapsed time.


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The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine has biomechanically designed linkages with a 17″ stride to provide a natural and comfortable foot motion. This elliptical machine features oversized levelers & stabilizers that ensure a solid workout platform as well as perimeter weighted flywheel for consistent, smooth workouts and ergonomic handles for different workout positions.

The Schwinn A40 elliptical machines comes complete with integrated grip heart rate system for easy fitness monitoring, a fast & reliable 8 level electromagnetic resistance system, and a multi-function LCD with 7 preset programs (6 profile, 1 quick start) that tracks and displays distance, speed, time, calories, and revolutions per minute.


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The Cubii Pro Under Desk elliptical stepper stands 9.8 inches tall and weighs 28 pounds. This elliptical stepper features a low-impact kind of exercise, making it suitable for people with injuries and is designed with ultra-smooth gearing making it ideal for office and home use. The Cubii Pro elliptical stepper is ergonomically designed, easy to carry, and has a low step pattern optimized for seated use.

This elliptical stepper synchronizes distance, steps, and calories burnt with smartphones and Fitbit smart bands and also allow you to customize your workouts on your phone via the Cubii app. The Cubii Pro is near silent when in use.


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The Magnetic elliptical machine is built with large anti-slip foot platforms for stability as well as dynamically moving arms for upper body workouts. This elliptical stepper measures 37.8 by 26.6 by 60 inches making it easy to fit into any corner of your home. The Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer allows you low-impact, cardiovascular training for smooth lower, and upper body exercises.

This elliptical machine comes equipped with a static hand pulse monitoring system that allows you to take heart rate readings as well as a built-in computer that displays total distance, time, calories, and speed. The Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer features a system of magnetic resistance that renders smooth motion.


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The Stamina In-Motion elliptical trainer is built with sturdy steel and is designed to allow multiple movement options, depending on your abilities this machine can be used standing up or sitting down, pedaling forward or reverse. This elliptical machine is lightweight and compact, making it suitable for home and office use.

You can regulate the intensity of your exercise while you stride with the adjustable tension dial. The Stamina In-Motion elliptical trainer helps you tone lower-body muscle, burn calories, and improve your cardiovascular health. This elliptical machine is equipped with a textured pedal surface to prevent slipping while pedaling fast and hard.


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The Marcy Recumbent exercise bike was made of premium 14-gauge steel tubing, rubber, and PVC, allowing it to withstand heavy daily usage. This elliptical machine comes complete with comfortable padded seats and contoured handles to enable proper body form while working out as well as a step-through design to make the exercise easier on the knees and back.

The counterbalanced pedals on this exercise bike are designed to provide maximal control and foot support. The Marcy Recumbent exercise bike is equipped with an ultra-functional LCD computer screen displays the time, distance, calories burned, and speed as well as eight resistance levels to control the difficulty.

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