10 Best Embroidery Storage Reviews for 2021

Anyone who is into embroidery likely has quite the collection of threads and other necessary items. If you have a lot of embroidery tools and accessories, you may be looking for effective ways to store these items. There are several options you have when it comes to embroidery storage. The best one will depend on how much space you have and how much you need to store at once.

When you’re shopping for embroidery storage options, it’s important to understand the dimensions of the space you have in which to store your items so you can choose a storage option that maximizes your space. Some embroidery storage devices are made solely for storing thread while others can store tools and accessories. The following is a list of the 10 best embroidery storage options based on reviews.

10. 4PCS 28 Slots 5D Diamond Embroidery Painting Boxes

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This set of embroidery storage boxes have dividers which makes them ideal for storing beads and small accessories. The set includes 4 boxes with each box having 28 slots.

These embroidery storage boxes are transparent so you can see what’s inside without opening them. The boxes include sticker sheets so you can label them as needed.

9. It’s Sew Emma Aqua OhSew Orgn Stash ‘n Store

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The It’s Sew Emma Stash ‘n Store organizer comes in a stylish aqua and white color scheme. This compact organizer can hold many of your embroidery and sewing notions to keep them easily accessible.

This organizer from It’s Sew Emma can store many types of upright tools. It can hold scissors, stilettos, rulers, brushes, and small cutters. Plus, the design makes it easy to grab what you need.

8. ilauke 5 Pack 28 Slots Diamond Painting Storage Containers

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The ilauke storage containers come in a pack of 5 and can hold many different types of embroidery materials. These plastic cases are well-made and can be stacked for easy storage.

This set of 5 storage cases have dividers so you can keep small notions and other items organized. The containers come with an organizer bag that can hold the cases.

7. Diamond Embroidery Box 3 Pack

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The Diamond Embroidery box set includes 3 plastic storage containers. These containers have small divided sections so you can separate and organize smaller items.

These storage containers are transparent so you can see what’s inside each compartment. They have secure lids that latch so you don’t have to worry about small items spilling out.

6. Embroidery Diamond Storage Box

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The Embroidery Diamond storage box comes with 30 small plastic jars that can be used to sort beads and other small accessories. The waterproof design keeps all your items safe and secure.

This storage box can be used for embroidery items or for other craft supplies. Each individual jar is removable from the box so you can organize your supplies and get to them easily.

5. Luxja Embroidery Project Bag

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The Luxja embroidery project bag can hold thread, tools, notions, and other accessories. This bag has a shoulder strap and convenient carrying handle for easy transport.

This bag from Luxja has 4 elastic bands to secure tools. It also has dividers and pockets of various sizes for organization. The outer material is durable and resistant to scratches.

4. Diamond Painting Box 2 Pack 28 Slots

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The Diamond painting box set includes 2 boxes with each box having 28 slots for storage. These boxes are ideal for small items and can keep them easily sorted by color, size, or design.

These storage boxes are made of durable plastic that’s transparent so you can see what’s inside. The slots seal individually so you only have to open the one you need to prevent spillage.

3. Embroidery Diamond Storage Box

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The embroidery diamond storage box from JUSTDOLIFE is made of durable plastic. This box has 30 individual bottles that fit inside to keep small beads and other accessories neatly organized.

This storage box is transparent so you can see what’s inside without opening the box. The box is well made and is stackable with other boxes of the same type.

2. 36 Grid Clear Plastic Organizer Box

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The 36-grid clear plastic organizer box can be used to store beads and other embroidery supplies. This box gives you the option to adjust the size of the divided spaces to store items of different sizes.

This storage box is made from durable plastic and has secure latches to keep your items in place. The box is compact and stackable to maximize your storage space.

1. ARTDOT Diamond Painting Storage

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The ARTDOT diamond painting storage box can be used for bead storage and other craft uses. This box is lightweight but durable to keep your small embroidery items secure and easily accessible.

This storage box from ARTDOT is made from transparent plastic. It has 64 individual grids so you can keep your small supplies organized by color, size, and type.

Keeping your embroidery items neat and organized helps you know what you have and helps you access it easily when you need it. A good storage system can also help save you money since you won’t be buying repeat colors of threads or other items when you don’t yet need them. Be sure to choose a sturdy storage solution for your embroidery items, especially if you have a lot of items to organize. Some storage devices can be stacked while others are designed for wall installation.

If you’re choosing an embroidery thread organizer, it’s helpful to know the size of the thread spools you have so you can choose a holder that can accommodate everything. Some thread holders can hold more than one size of thread while others are specialized to be used with one particular thread type. It’s helpful to read the online reviews when you’re deciding which organizer to choose. These reviews can help you choose the organizer that will keep your items secure and accessible.