10 Best Lumbar Support Pillow Reviews for 2021

Do you spend a lot of hours seated in an office or at home? Whether you are a gamer or a person who spends most hours on a chair, it is no doubt that your chair doesn’t offer enough support, and that is the reason I want to recommend the best back cushions.

Without one of these, your body tends to assume unhealthy postures such as hunching and slouching. And, as if that is not enough, you are likely to suffer from tight muscles, improper spine alignment, decreased blood circulation, pressure points among others.

Therefore, this means that you must provide your body with the right support and comfort if you do not want to suffer from orthopedic problems. To help you locate the right pillow designed to offer support, discussed below are the top 10 best lumbar support pillows in 2018. Have a look and avoid being a victim of those likely to suffer from posture problems.

10. Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Bed Rest, Teal

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A lumbar support pillow that will be your comfortable companion wherever you go is Brentwood Originals lumbar pillow. The pillow features a versatile design that enables it to provide comfort whether you are relaxing at home, at a stadium or the picnic. Apart from that, the pillow is easy to transport. This is due to the sturdy handle that is attached to the top of the bed rest so that it is easy to take it to the next lounging location. The pillow is made using 100% polyester that makes it easy to clean since you can spot clean it using a damp cloth. You can use it for the neck, back, or arms which makes it a great choice for reading, watching TV, or relaxing on the bed.

9. Portable Memory Foam Camping Pillow Travel Pillow Ergonomic Sleeping Bed Pillow for Good Night Sleep Cervical Curved Neck Support for Travel Camping Hiking Car Seat Plane Lumbar Support16.5LX7.8W

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Sleep soundly while waiting for your next adventures with Cozy Hut travel pillow. The pillow features a premium memory foam, where the inner material is medical-grade memory foam. As a result, the pillow can retain its shape so that it can provide continued support to ensure the right balance of comfort and support. More to that, the pillow features hypoallergenic and dust, and mite resistant materials so that it is safe to use with allergic persons.

You can be sure to have an easy time when it comes to maintaining the pillow, thanks to the machine-washable outer cover. On top of that, the pillow is comfortable to use even during the warm nights due to the velour cover that provides breathability and moisture wicking properties. The pillow is suitable for a variety of situations including motorcycle trips, hiking, airplane trips and camping. Once you get it, you can be sure to have a pillow that is easy to carry since it folds back into a 8.3 x 5.5inches product dimension so that it can fit into a storage bag.

8. Trekology Inflatable Lumbar Travel Camping Air Pillows – Portable Compressible Back Support Cushion in Comfortable Pillow Case, for Car, Office, Airplane, Travel, Relax, Outdoor, Camping, Sleeping

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The answer to a lightweight and easy to carry lumbar support pillow is Trekology inflatable pillow. It inflates to 19 x 12 x 3.5 inches while it folds down to 7 x 3 inches making it easy to carry. More to that, the pillow serves as a perfect answer when you are in need of one that will deliver sturdy support at your desired firmness level. The reason is that you can adjust the amount of air in it so that it is optimal to support the lumbar and spine.

You can get the pillow when looking for one that is suitable for use by back sleepers since it inflates to a large size to enable it to offer optimal support. Also, the pillow is a perfect choice when looking for one that is designed to relieve back pain, provide a proper spinal alignment, and ensure the right sitting posture due to its ergonomic design. With it, you can be sure to benefit from comfort all day long due to the breathable cotton cover

More to that, the pillow provides you with an assurance of getting one that is easy to maintain since the cotton cover is removable and washable. The pillow is made using a highly durable elastic TPU fabric to assure you of a long-lasting pillow. Also, the fabric is water-resistant making it a great choice for using in a boat or tenting at your favorite national park.

7. Vremi Premium Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow – Chair Cushion For Lower Back Pain – Best for Office Home Computer Gaming or Car Chair – With Adjustable Dual Straps – For Sleeping and Travel – Black

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Make long days at the office feel comfortable, manageable, and enjoyable with Vremi Premium pillow. The pillow is made using 100% premium-quality memory foam that compresses to the lower back so that you can be sure of optimum support. Also, it features a large and firm design in a small size. As a result, you can take it anywhere, making it a perfect choice for gaming, working in the office, sleeping, or relaxing at home.

The pillow is designed to alleviate back pain, improve blood circulation, correct the posture, and provide a healthy spine alignment making it a great choice for the best pillow for posture improvement. It is suitable for use in any chair since it comes with adjustable dual straps that provide room for adjustment. The pillow comes with a hypoallergenic mesh cover that circulates air through the cushion to help you to stay cool and comfortable.

6. Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest, Black

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The perfect pillow for reading and watching TV in bed is Brentwood Originals lumbar support pillow. It is made using durable polyester, while it features a polyester fiber and brushed twill fabric cover to assure you of comfort and support. More to that, the pillow features a handle on the top and armrests. The handle makes it easy to lift while the armrests provide added support to assure you of comfort. You can be sure to have an easy time when cleaning the pillow since all that is required is for you to spot clean using a damp cloth. The pillow measures 26″W x 18″ D x 18″H. It is perfect when you are in need of back, arms, and neck support.

5. Memory Foam Back Support Cushion – Designed for Back Pain Relief – Lumbar Pillow With Premium Adjustable Strap – Hypoallergenic Ventilative Mesh – Alleviates Lower Back Pain

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Experience extreme comfort and relieve back pain with Xtreme Comforts Memory foam pillow. The pillow is ergonomically designed so that it can contour to your body shape to enable it to provide back support, reduce pressure points, improve the posture, relieve pain, and align the spine. Hence, you can use it to relieve back pain from pregnancy arthritis, herniated discs, scoliosis, among other conditions.

Another feature that makes this pillow a great addition is its 100% pure memory foam, and a hypoallergenic bamboo zippered removable cover. The cover is machine washable whereas it is designed to keep you cool making it a great addition when you want to forget about sweaty backs.

The pillow comes with a dual four-point adjustable elastic strap. Because of this, you can keep the cushion in place and fit it on a variety of chairs. What’s more is that it comes with a carry bag. This makes it easy to take along making it a perfect addition for people who spend long hours on the chair. You can use the pillow for chairs, recliners, patios, trucks, airplane, cars, or computer desks.

4. Vertteo Full Lumbar Black Support – Premium Entire High Back Pillow for Office Desk Chair and Car Seat – Ergonomic Comfortable Memory Foam Cushion Relieves Couch Sofa Reading Lower Sciatica Pain by

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Featuring a 100% molded pure memory foam, you will love this lumbar back support pillow’s ability to offer a perfect alignment with the lower and upper thoracic area of the spine. Apart from that, the pillow includes a long adjustable elastic strap that features a secure clasp so that it can stay in place even when moving around. The pillow features a hypoallergenic faux fur machine-washable cover that makes it easy to maintain.

The cover is made using black velvet which makes it soft to assure you of comfort. You can get the pillow when you want to keep your entire back straight which means that it suitable for scoliosis, arthritis, stenosis, spondylosis, among other back problems. The pillow is suitable for use on rocking chairs, automobiles, vehicles, airplanes, trucks, recliners, among other places.

3. ComfySure Memory Foam Back Cushion – Lumbar Support Backrest Pillow with Dual Adjustable Straps – Soft and Comfortable – Relieves Lower Back Pain and Pressure

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Promote a healthy back by acquiring ComfySure Back Cushion. The cushion is made using a memory foam that molds to the body shape and type so that it can take off the pressure off the lower back and improve posture. Also, it features a removable velour cover with a zipper. This makes it easy to wash so that you can be sure of getting a pillow that is easy to maintain.

The lumbar support pillow is recommended by therapists and chiropractors for those who are in need of support for the lower back. Also, it is suitable for those suffering from discomfort from pregnancy, and those with lumbosacral spondylosis, piriformis, fibromyalgia, among others. It comes with dual adjustable straps that make it easy to fix on different types of chairs.

2. Therm-A-Rest Lumbar Travel Pillow

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The best lumbar support pillow for those who want to personalize their level of comfort is Therm-A-Rest Lumbar Travel Pillow. The pillow is self-inflating while it can be adjusted with one hand to enable it to add comfort when seated anywhere. Also, it features a comfy Die-Cut foam that enables it to reduce pressure along the spine. The pillow adopts a pressure mapping technology so that you can be sure of ultimate comfort.

1. Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion – Orthopedic Design for Lower Back Pain Relief – Lumbar Support Pillow, 2 Adjustable Straps For Car or Office Chair

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Alleviate and relieve acute and chronic pain that arises from backaches, stenosis, muscle aches, and herniated disks with Everlasting comfort cushion. It features 100% premium-quality memory foam that enables it to contour to your shape. As such, you can use it to support the lower back, neck, and thoracic area.

Apart from that, the pillow features dual adjustable straps. These enable it to remain in the desired position so that it can provide the required support. The pillow features a hypoallergenic and breathable 3D mesh cover that allows it to deliver airflow through the back. This means that it is a great choice when comfort comes to play.


No one wants to suffer from a stiff back because of long drives or long work days, the reason I recommend the top 10 best lumbar support pillows in 2018. With these choices, you not only benefit from comfort, but you can be sure to get optimal support as well as a pillow that is easy to maintain due to the washable pillow covers. Therefore, give these pillows a try and be sure to benefit from comfort during long hours of sitting or sleeping.