10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Reviews in 2021

Cleaning your dirty pool can be a tedious and arduous task. That’s why you need a robotic cleaner to make the work easier. It reduces messy job and long cleaning time when performing the cleaning activity. These great machines will ensure a clean swimming pool even during the summer. It could be discouraging when you end up purchasing the wrong pool cleaner.

In order to get the best robotic cleaner, you should consider plenty of features. These include the size of your pool, the type of your pool, shape, durability, brushes, and the climbing ability of the robot. There are also other minor features to consider too. Here are the reviews of the best robotic cleaner. Not only that this machine is efficient but it is also quicker when it comes to scanning and cleaning your pool floor.

10. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic cleaner

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From Dolphin cleaners, Dolphin Nautilus CC is one of the greatest, latest generation pool cleaners. The machine features CleverClean technology that allows tangle-free operations. It is a ‘go and drop’ model meaning that you can easily place it in your swimming pool and get the work done. Also, it is light in weight and has powerful and robust scrubbing brushes which attack the tough dirt on the walls and floor. Besides that, this machine is operated through a single button hence easy to use. If you want to clean your inground pool which is 15 feet in length, this model will be your ideal choice. Most importantly, its Easy Fix modular components are easy to repair, replace and cheap that its competitors.

9. Solar Breeze – Automatic Pool Cleaner NX2 Cleaner Robot

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This is my dream robotic cleaner. It removes 95 percent of debris and dust on the pool’s floor, corners and walls. With this, any leaves, bacteria, and pollen inside the water will be past tense. Also, Solar Breeze features a long-lasting solar power technology that allows it to use sun energy during the daytime. This model knows how to clean and navigate your pool during sticky situations. It has an increased collection capacity that ensures adequate collection area capacity hence high performance. You don’t have to worry because the Solar-Breeze team will answer all your questions regarding this robotic cleaner. Just contact them through messaging services.

8. Hayward RC9955CUB-TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum

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With this automatic pool cleaner of all the time, you can make your pool cleaner all the time. Tiger Shark has a wireless handheld remote and that’s why you can use it to clear dirt even in tough areas. Keep in mind that there is no extra hoes, pumps or hookups required. The model offers an effective and high level of performance when needed. The filter cartridge system makes it even simple to use. I like the powerful onboard pump that ensures a great task of sucking up all debris and dust. If you want the most reliable cleaning solution, then this product is here to prove it. Unlike other pool cleaners, this machine uses 94 percent less energy. This makes it the top choice in the market.

7. Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Pool Cleaner

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Aquabot is another model that strikes not only a decent quality but also a competitive price. The brand features a very large cartridge hence can take only a few seconds to clean all dirt and debris. Moreover, it features automatic pool mapping. This means the model can ‘see’ the size and shape of your pool and calculate the cleaning regiment perfectly. With this, it will fully clean your entire pool. The machine has wider non-marring wheels, therefore, it can roll over printed vinyl pool buttons and ripples. Most people love this quality robotic machine. For the last 5 years, Aquabot has got what it takes to become the best in the market. Grab one and enjoy your next summer.

6. Dolphin Oasis Z5i Automatic Robotic cleaner

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It’s no surprise that this latest generation from Dolphin is among the best in the town. The robotic cleaner has a strong and powerful dynamic dual motor that ensures wide pool coverage. Irrespective of the size plus the shape, Dolphin Oasis has an ability to wipe all pollen found in the pool. It has another unique feature of maneuverability. For this reason, every debris and dust will be eliminated within seconds depending on the size of your pool. Think about the powerful filtration and suction it has. Of course, you’ll be excited because it leaves your sparkling pool clean. The unique thing is that you only need to drop and go. Whether your pool is 50 feet or so, the model will not hesitate to provide the best performance. With it, your cleaning activities will be made efficient and convenient and with no struggle. Because of the intelligent navigation program, this machine can efficiently clean corners and every angle of the wall.

5. EZ Care Waterjet Robotic Cleaner for Above Ground or Other Flat Bottom Pools.

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EZ Care Waterjet Robotic Cleaner is a robust and hardworking cleaning partner. It is characterized by a lightweight design and a powerful suction system to make your pool pretty all the time. This cleaner can also work overtime and deliver appealing and noticeable results. It scrubs the wall, cleans the floor, eliminates all sorts of dust in the entire pool. From the top of the pool to the bottom, Nu Cobalt Robotic Cleaner will work deliver the best performance you need. You’ll notice that no pumps or hoses hookups required. To a new user, this model has simple one-touch power supply, this means that you can control it easily. I would urge you to consider this model.

4. Polaris F9350 Sport Robotic cleaner

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Another 2-wheel drive automatic cleaner is here. It is always outfitted with powerful tires to pass and clean all poor surfaces. You’ll get attracted with the ActiMotion Sensor Technology that makes it navigate in larger pools. With the Vortex Vacuum Technology, Polaris F9350 allows the cleaner to pick dust and even larger debris and at the same time, you can maintain maximum suction. I love its rear water propulsion system that allows cleaner to clear debris in tight corners and under stairs. The model is easy to use. I really love its high level of effectiveness and performance. I love it as my partner because I can transport and store it without a problem.

3. Dolphin Triton PS Robotic Pool

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I once used this model and I can tell you that you’re in the right place. This robotic cleaner features a Bluetooth navigation system that makes it an ideal for complete wall, swimming pool, and tile cleaning coverage. It enjoys a superior and wonderful scrubbing power to ensure ultimate cleaning and performance. Since is equipped with a large loading filter, the machine usually traps, dirt, debris, and leaves. At the same time, it can also circulate and clean the water for less than 2 hours. This means that Dolphin Triton is quicker as compared to other models. The strategy used here is ‘set and forget’. In simple terms, it will automatically eliminate all unnecessary particles in the pool. It is light in weight, easy to use, saves energy and provides hassle-free cleaning work.


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This model works well for all sizes and shapes of above-ground pools. Most importantly, the pool can clean cove, floor, and partial walls. Its unique design helps to maneuver the toughest shapes of pools. With a little secret about POOL ROVER S2 40, am sure you’ve a chance to get the best cleaning services. Don’t waste your dollars, get this one and your walls will be automatically cleaned with 2 hours of working. Bag filters are extremely fine to ensure all dust are eliminated. Whether it’s the stairs or walls, this model will scrub fully where the dirt resides. Despite great features and amazing built, machine is competitively priced. Get it because it will make your cleaning work easier.

1. Dolphin Premier Robotic cleaner

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On the top our list, we have this reputable robotic cleaner by the name Dolphin Premier. The machine is easy to use because you only apply ‘drop and go’ strategy. Dolphin Premier is ideal and works better up to 50-feet. Because of its quality, the automatic pool cleaner enjoys 3-year warranty. Machine comes with powerful dual scrubbing brushes that forcefully attacks tough debris and dirt leaving your pool walls and floor exceptionally clean. To ensure an optimal clean pool, this brand comes with multiple filter options. CleverClean delivers an efficient and smart clean and uses advanced algorithms for a complete swimming pool coverage. Purchase one today and you will enjoy its services.


Conclusively, this guide will educate you about the best robotic cleaners. I believe now you’re capable of making a good choice. Look at the model with important features. Also, select the one that will satisfy your needs and solve your problems. Don’t forget to look at these features: size, above ground and in-ground pool, weight, brushes and programmable time.

Also, consider the durability, efficient cleaning cycles, Energy Efficiency, and maneuverability. Remember that maintaining the cleanliness of your pool is healthy and important. The only way to get rid of dirt, dust and debris is to use robotic cleaner. Once you’ve made your choice, you’re free to purchase.