10 Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviews for 2021

Fishing is a great way to pass time and relax. However, no one goes for this activity without a plan of bringing home a sizeable catch. As such, it means that you will need the best fishing rod on the market if your idea is to benefit from a successful fishing trip.

Given the variety of rods on the market, however, selecting the best rod can be quite an overwhelming task. You are likely to come across a range of fishing rods and to make matters worse, none of them claims to be worse than another.

For this reason, therefore, you will need to do some research and get an idea of the variety of fishing rods and what other customers say about them. To help you save time and money, we already did this for you and narrowed down to the top best ten best telescoping fishing rods for 2018.

10. Zebco ZCASTS56TEL Z-Cast Telescopic Spin Rod

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As one of the best telescoping fishing rods, Zebco ZCASTS56TEL Z-Cast Telescopic Spin Rod is a perfect choice when looking for a rod that will keep you comfortable all day long. The reason is the lightweight, and comfortably designed EVA handles meant to assure you of remaining comfortable all day. Besides that, the rod is a great choice for a durable telescopic fishing rod since it adopts a durable Z-glass blank construction. The shock ring guides and the twist-lock reel seat are other additions meant to enhance ease of use.

9. Handing Spinning Fishing Rod 5 Pieces Medium Light Telescopic Fishing Pole for travel and backpacking.

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Benefit from increased strength and durability when fishing, by using Handing Spinning Fishing Rod. It features a high-density 30-ton carbon fiber construction meant to achieve durability, power, and sensitivity. Whats more is that the rod lets you benefit from comfort. The reason is the premium-grade handles and the conventional reel seat with a breathable, and cushioned reed that enhances comfort. You can get the rod when looking for a portable telescoping fishing rod due to the ultra-lightweight design. On top of that, the rod adopts a sensitive tip and ceramic guides so that you can be sure of successful fishing trips.

8. ENKEEO Fishing Rod Carbon Fiber Spinning Telescopic Fishing Pole Pocket Travel Rod 6/7/9/10 Feet for Saltwater Freshwater Inshore Offshore Outdoor

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Are you an adventurous angler who loves traveling? If that is the case, it is no doubt that you are looking for a fishing rod that will fit in your backpack, car trunk or boat hatch. With ENKEEO Fishing Rod you can be sure to get such a rod. The reason is that it folds down to allow you to fit it in tight spaces. Besides portability, the rod is durable due to the high-density 24-ton carbon fiber material that is corrosion resistant. As such, you can get it for fishing inshore, in freshwater, or offshore salt water.

Another benefit of this rod is the dense EVA grips. These are highly resistant to wear and tear while compared to cork grips so that they can assure you of durability. In addition to that, the grips feature a sweat-absorbing design so that you can use the rod for hours with an assurance of added comfort. Because of the CNC machined aluminum real seat, you can be sure to lock your reel on tight for years. Whats more is that the rod features stainless steel spinning guides meant to enhance a tangle-free operation.

7. JSHANMEI Spin Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Fishing Carrier Bag Case Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Sea Fishing Saltwater Freshwater Fishing Pole Rod Set

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Made of carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass, this is the rod to acquire when looking for one that will last for years. On top of that, the rod features stainless steel hooded reel seats so that you can be sure to have it looking bright at all times without having to worry about a time the rod will corrode. The piano porcelain anti-corrosion guide rings are another plus to assure you of getting a long-lasting telescoping fishing rod.

You can use the rod for hours without having to worry about discomfort since it features EVA grips that are breathable and soft. The rod is available in five sizes including 6.9ft, 7.9ft, 8.9ft, 9.8ft, and 11.8ft. You can expect it to come in a fishing kit that includes a fishing reel, fishing bag, and fishing accessories comprising of lures, jigs, sinkers, hooks, beads, and swivel snaps.

6. YONGZHI Fishing Rod Mini Pocket Telescopic Carbon Fiber Fishing Pole Ultralight Pen Size Travel Spinning Rods for Kids Child Youth in Freshwater(4.92ft-7.87ft)

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Whether you are going fishing for the first time or you have decided to recreate childhood fishing memories for your kids, then you can be sure that YONGZHI Fishing Rod is the rod to get. It features a small open size and an ultralight, retractable design making it suitable for use by kids or youth. You can get this rod looking for one that is easy to cast due to the micro fishing rod guides.

Also, the rod is a perfect choice for a durable telescoping rod since it is made from carbon fiber mixed with glass. In addition to that, it adopts a strong anti-saltwater corrosion machined aluminum steel hooded reel meant to enhance strength. The smooth stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts are another addition meant to help secure longer casts and reduce friction in the line. The rod comes in different sizes ranging from 4.26ft to 7.87ft.

5. Hurricane Mako Telescopic Rod

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Designed to enhance toughness and portability, this is the rod to get when you are in need of a strong rod to carry along at all times. The rod features an EVA handle and a graphite reel seat with cushioned hoods to enhance comfort while fishing for long hours. On top of that are ceramic guides to assure you of getting an easy time while fishing. You can get the rod as the 7ft or 8ft size.

4. Goture 1 Piece Carp Fishing Pole, Carbon Fiber Ultralight Telescopic Fishing Rod 10FT 12FT 15FT 18FT 21FT 24 FT+ Free Tip Set (Top 3 Segments)

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Available in a variety of types, sizes, and colors, this is the rod to select from when you are in need of the best telescoping rod that will match your style. You can get in sizes ranging from 10feet to 24feet. On top of that, you can get it in red, green, or black. The rod comes in a variety of types including the Goldlite series, Jin-Zhu series, breeze series, and red-fox series.

Once you select it, you can be sure to have an easy time during maintenance since each of the poles comes with three spare top segments for replacement. Besides that, the rod assures you of getting a durable telescoping fishing rod since it is made of high-quality carbon fiber. Also, it is easy to use since it features an ultra-light body that makes it easy to handle.

3. Eagle Claw PK555SP Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod, 5-Feet x 6-Inch

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Make your fishing trip worth remembering with Eagle Claw PK555SP telescoping spinning rod. It features a durable glass construction to assure you of getting a durable fishing rod. On top of that is an EVA foam handle so that you can use it for long hours without worrying about getting fatigued. The rod adopts ceramic guides to enhance ease of use.

2. TROUTBOY Black Warrior Fishing Rod – 24 Ton Carbon Fiber Ultra Light Portable Telescopic Fishing Pole with CNC Machined Reel Seat, Stainless Steel Guides, EVA Fore Grip

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Enjoy fishing wherever and whenever you want with TROUTBOY Black Warrior Fishing Rod. It features an ultralightweight and shrinkable design so that it can fit in a boat hatch, backpack or car truck. As a result, you can be sure you to carry it with ease. Another benefit of the rod is that it is made of a high-density 24-ton carbon fiber and E-glass composite. Because of this, you can be sure to have a rod that will deliver great power, balance, and durability.

You can get the rod when you are in need of a fishing rod that will give you sensitivity advantage due to the unique carbon fiber matrix that delivers sensitive reflection. Also, the rod features an exquisite reel seat made of corrosion-resistant CNC machined aluminum so that you can benefit from years of worry-free fishing.

1. PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod Retractable Fishing Pole Rod Saltwater Travel Spinning Fishing Rods Fishing Poles

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Our best pick is PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod which serves as a perfect gift for daddy. It is available in golden and silver colors, and six sizes ranging from 5.91ft to 10.83 feet. As a result, it is a great option when looking for a fishing rod that will suit your style. You can get the rod when looking for one that is designed to last since it features stainless steel hooded reel seats that are corrosion resistant.

On top of that, the rod features a carbon material that not only enhances strength but a lightweight as well. The EVA force grip is another addition to allow you to benefit from comfort. The rod is portable due to the closed length design meant to enhance convenience when carrying it around.


The best fishing rod is a must-have whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner. After all, it is the determinant of the success of your fishing trip since everything else is an accessory to it. So, when you are on a journey to get the best telescoping fishing rod in 2018, pay attention to our reviewed products since they are designed for portability, durability, comfort, and the accuracy needed to deliver the best catch.